Mastering Active Listening (4 CECs)

Course Description: This short- 4-hour course deep-dives into active listening so you can practice mastering this skill set. 

Audience: This course is designed for NBC-HWCs looking for CECs who want to refresh their coaching skills. 

This course includes reading, watching videos, writing coaching transcripts, discussion boards, and practicing active listening. 

Course Objectives: 

  • Learners will design a coach-client transcript that demonstrates active listening skills.
  • Learners will demonstrate active listening skills through a listening exercise.

Course Delivery: This is an online on-demand course. Upon enrollment, you will have access to all the materials and can complete the content at your own pace.

The following NBHWC competencies are covered: 

2.3.1. Be attentive and mindful

2.3.2. Be open-minded

2.3.3. Be curious without assumptions

2.3.4. Pace communication to fit the client’s needs

2.3.5. Listen for what is not being said

2.3.6. Nonverbal communication Use silence appropriately Attend to and address nonverbal communication


What People Are Saying:

I found it extremely helpful and I appreciated the activities throughout that made it more interactive and hands-on! Thank you so much.

Kaylie M.

The course was great! I really enjoyed the creating a transcript exercise. It helped me think things through from another perspective in acting as a client as well as a coach.

Cory C.

I loved the course! The information was useful, it wasn't overwhelming, and the practice exercises were super helpful. Writing the scripts and working with the "Big 5" worksheet was a good practice. Thank you!!

Silja S.

I loved the interactive assignments!

Nichole L.

I thought the course was great - loved the self-paced platform and the activities required to solidify the information presented. The transcript writing was particularly powerful.


I really enjoyed the challenge of writing the script and will definitely use the 5 point listening tool. I think I needed a re-boot and appreciate the stimulation and guidance

Simone H.

Thank you for this course! It gave practical and effective tools for deeper listening!

Susan C.

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You have 365 days to complete this course from the day of enrollment. 

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