Life Balance (5 CECs)

Life balance is a bit of a misnomer. In this course, we will dive into life satisfaction while examining some common theories about life balance. We will also learn how to support clients on their quest for more balance.


This is a self-paced/ on-demand course laid out in 4 modules. You have access to all 4 modules upon enrollment. 


  • Defining Life Balance
  • Life Balance Theories
  • Living Off-Balance
  • Positive Balance
  • Time Use Patterns
  • Life Balance Model
  • Personal Well-Being
  • Meaningful Work
  • Mindset Shifts
  • Values
  • Sleep
  • Restorative Energizers
  • The Power of One Thing

Course Outline

Module 1: What is Life Balance (1 hour)

Module 2: How to Achieve Life Balance (2.5 hours)

Module 3: Tools for Life Balance (1.5 hours)

Module 4: Application (~2 hours)

Course Overview: 

Our life balance course covers the top six things to do today to achieve life balance and it's not what you think. This eye-opening course, based on research, is designed to help you work with your clients on a variety of life balance-related goals.

Course Assessments: 

Discussions and practical assignments.

Overall Course Project: 

The final project will demonstrate your understanding of what life balance is and how to achieve life balance (or life satisfaction). Final project - students choose between a written summary, coaching transcript, or outlining a life balance lunch and learn workshop. 

Course Time Commitment: 

7 hours

You can pace this course over 4 weeks or complete it at a faster pace, you will have full access to the course upon enrollment.

What People Are Saying:

I really enjoyed this course. The resource materials create so many opportunities for personal/professional growth as well as materials that can be incorporated into individual coaching or group/workshop coaching. I appreciate that the CEs are not just repetitive information but contained practical and useful materials on both levels. This is my third CE with you. I have kept coming back for more as I have enjoyed the materials and how they are presented. I appreciate the dynamic presentations!

Victoria C.

I loved this course and would recommend it to anyone seeking more balance in their life. Clients & Business professionals can benefit greatly from taking this course. Thank you!

Chelsea B.

Thank you for offering this course! It is vital for coaches to invest in their own well-being to show up as their best selves for their clients. I learned so much from this course and will definitely recommend it to my fellow coaches!

Kaylie M.

I thoroughly enjoy these courses through Expert Coach Center. I truly get so much out of them. I'm looking forward to taking more!

Jennifer W.

This course was outstanding! I appreciate the additional recommendations, such as the Best Self planner, the books you recommended, etc. I'm happy to have information I can use both with clients and for myself. Thank you!


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