Nutrition for Better Health (18 CECs)

The goal of this course is to provide you with a solid foundation in nutrition so that you can work within your scope of practice and best serve your clients with confidence.

Course Description: This is a self-paced course outlined into 8 weeks/modules, learners will determine how to support their clients through a balanced approach to nutrition, define their role as a coach assisting with nutrition goals, and list the recommended nutrients and their role in the human body. Overall, learners will understand evidence-based prevention for healthy weight and nutrition recommendations.

In this course, we will focus on evidence-based nutrition information to develop a solid foundation in nutrition. 

Course Delivery: This is an online on-demand course. Upon enrollment, you will have access to all the materials and can complete the content at your own pace. We recommend completing one module per week for 8 weeks. 

Instructor: Dawn Mazur, NBC-HWC, Founder and Director of Expert Coach Center.

Audience: This course is designed for Health and Wellness Coaches. This course covers the health and wellness coaching competencies on nutrition for Nationally Board Certified Coaches. 

Course Objectives outlined on the Syllabus 

Course completion requirements: 

  • Must watch all videos
  • Must complete all assessments 
  • Must pass all quizzes
  • Must complete and submit the personalized nutrition plan 

Course Language: English 

Course Topics: 

  • Food Choices and the Human Body
  • A Balance Nutrition Approach
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Plant-Based Protein Sources
  • High Protein Diets
  • Superfoods and Phytochemicals
  • Plant-Based Diets 
  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Whole-Fat Foods
  • Mindful Eating
  • Non-Diet Approach
  • Nutrition Research and Mass Media
  • Your role as a Health and Wellness Coach 
  • Plus more


What People Are Saying:

This was a brilliant, eye-opening course. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative.


(This course) gives a great foundation for helping clients navigate one of the most challenging aspects of life: a healthy diet.


I love the attention to detail and the abundance of information. There are lots of resources here to use with clients in the future.


"The course is so rich, full of information not only about nutrition but also how to work with clients."


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