About Expert Coach Center

Our Mission

Our mission at Expert Coach Center is to passionately cultivate, empower, and unite an expansive and diverse community of health-inspired coaches.

Through purposeful collaboration, we strive to foster continuous growth, unwavering dedication to lifelong learning, and a profound impact on individuals' well-being.

Together, we are dedicated to creating a ripple effect of positive change, championing holistic health, and transforming lives through health and wellness coaching.

Our Values

  • Diversity
  • Equity
  • Belonging
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Global Communities
  • Passion
  • Collaboration
  • Healthy Lifestyle

Hi, I'm Holly Miller, Owner & Director of ECC

I am both honored and elated to assume the role of Owner and Director at ECC, with the opportunity to build upon the legacy created by Dawn Mazur, the visionary Founder of ECC.

Dawn and I have been friends and colleagues for nearly 15 years. We share a passion for health, wellness, and serving others. Our professional relationship began as health educators in a K-12 school district, designing curriculum and collaborating on projects. Our friendship grew over the years and I had the privilege of witnessing Dawn's dedication in establishing Expert Coach Center from scratch. Having graduated from the ECC program, I subsequently joined as an adjunct instructor—an experience that kindled my enthusiasm for this new chapter.

My professional experience includes working for 12 years as a Health Education teacher for 6th-12th graders, serving as an Educational Therapist at a local behavioral health hospital, and working as a Public Health Specialist at our local health department serving as our coalition coordinator for substance misuse prevention. In parallel, I own a private practice coaching business dedicated to guiding adolescents and young adults through various dimensions of health and wellness.

My heart is set on advancing our collective mission to enable others to embrace vibrant, healthful lives. It is a privilege to be entrusted with this responsibility, and I am committed to fostering an environment where wellness-driven coaches thrive and where our impact resonates far beyond the surface. 

I invite you to reach out with any questions: [email protected] 


Hi, I'm Dawn Mazur, Founder of ECC

I founded Expert Coach Center in 2014 after I spent a considerable about of time researching health and wellness coaching programs. I was a full time educator and mom and needed a program that was convenient and flexible.  

I eventually found a promising program. I enrolled and was on my way to becoming a Wellness Coach!  

Unfortunately, once I enrolled, I was disappointed. The so-called “faculty” were just pre-recorded audios. There were no practice coaching opportunities and certainly no critical feedback for improvement. I graduated as a "Wellness Coach" without ever having to coach! I knew there was something wrong with that concept. Coaching is a skill and skills must be practiced to be mastered.  

In fact, I didn’t realize how little I knew about coaching until I completed a coaching course in my Master’s Program. When the NBHWC introduced a board for creating Wellness Coaching Standards to prevent programs from graduating unqualified individuals, I knew this was an opportunity to create something better, something special.  

My unique background in teaching, my training in online learning, my educational training in Health Education, and my own journey to becoming a certified coach allowed me the opportunity to create a program that was convenient, filled with accurate and engaging information, and led by real live professionals in the field.  

ECC is the program for you if:  

  • You need a convenient online program
  • You want to meet real instructors who are professionals in the field
  • You want a reputable program, specifically one that is approved with the NBHWC
  • You want an affordable program that doesn't compromise quality. 


Join Our Team & Work From Home

If you have a Master's Degree in the Health and Wellness Field and/or are a NBC-HWC, please reach out to us if you are interested in learning more about faculty positions.

Interested in creating content for CE courses related to health and wellness coaching? Must have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field or be a NBC-HWC. Reach out below to obtain requirements for course development.

Email resume and inquiries to [email protected]