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Each year Wellness Warrior Scholarships are awarded to deserving applicants so they can become Certified Expert Wellness Coaches (CEWC) and be eligible for the National Exam. To learn more, please click here.

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$18,000 awarded since 2021

2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients

Coach Erika

My husband Dr. Askia Dunnon and I operate a non-profit, One Health Literacy Organization, which focuses on health literacy education for individuals who identify themselves as ethnic minorities. Along with the education which will be provided to individuals and groups, valuable health coaching will also be available to help ethnic minority communities to overcome barriers related to their health goals. We envision education and coaching as two services which will complement each other to meet the comprehensive needs of our future clients.

Coach Malcolm

My name is Malcolm Bickley, and I would like to become a health and wellness coach because I value the unique integration of diet, nutrition, exercise, and physiology. I have a passion for helping others become the best version of themselves. I want to encourage them to continually invest in their own greatest asset - their health. I would like to be formally trained to motivate and inspire individuals to achieve their life’s goals. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I am excited for the journey ahead!

Coach D

Deniece (Coach D) is committed to holding space for people to feel heard, valued, and challenged, strives to support people holistically, and understands the connection between physical, emotional, social and cognitive well-being. With a focus on rethinking health and fitness with a decolonizing lens, Deniece hopes to hone her coaching skills to assist in supporting anti-racism within the wellness world. An advocate and supporter for the inclusion and nurturing of BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ folk in their health and wellness journey and beyond, Deniece is grateful to be a Wellness Warrior recipient and member of the Expert Coach Center family.

Coach Michael

My name is Michael Williams. My goal is to become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach to work with our nation's men and women veterans of our armed services. My Expert Coach Center (ECC) journey will allow me the critical knowledge and skills needed to provide the conversations, confidence, planning, and resources necessary to help those veterans finding it difficult transitioning from military to civilian life. As a veteran myself, I truly believe that the traditions and values of our country could not be what they are without the sacrifice of our HEROES, our nation's veterans. For this, I want to reach as many veterans as possible and provide the very best service I can offer. Michael enrolled in our Fall '21 cohort and will be graduating soon! 

Coach Dr. Rose

Dr. Rose has a passion for working with women of color in developing and sustaining nutritive lifestyles, for themselves and their families. She seeks to be a healing presence in their lives and her work encourages them to value self-care and to be happy, healthy, and whole; mind, body, and soul. She received her initial training in health and wellness at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She will use her work at Expert Coach Center to retool herself and hone her skills to be more relevant in our post-pandemic society. Dr. Rose will also use the opportunities provided to her as a Wellness Warrior scholarship recipient to develop the expertise needed to become a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. She is a wife, mother, Elder in her church, professor, entrepreneur, and spiritual author (penned as Dr. Anna Paige DeSouza.) Dr. Rose holds a BS degree from Drexel University, a MA degree from New York University, and a Doctorate of Education from Fordham University.

2022-2023 Scholarship Recipients

Will be announced in August 2022

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